2023 marks a career change for me. During that past six years I’ve mainly been working in a management role, overseeing technical development across a range of platforms and technologies. That’s ended now and I’ve decided to go back to my “technical roots” focussing on configuring, deploying and operating development related applications in a Linux environment. Work that can be described as Linux System Administration, DevOps or even DevSecOps.

The thing about IT in general is that it “doesn’t stand still”, the pace of change is rapid. Spending six years away from active day to day “hands on” use of any technology can lead to a large knowledge gap that needs filling. That said, to be succesful working in tech requires the ability to be always learning and always adapting. One of the turning points me in my career was when I started documenting my work in wiki as I was working - it was a real learning “power up”. I’ve started this site after recognising that I’ll need to start “documenting as I work” again in order to keep tracking of everything I’m reading and learning as I go. Because the motivation for this documentation is selfish (I’m writing it primarily for my benefit), any visitors to this site may find the documentation a little brief, lacking clear explanations or just plain wrong! If that happens and you’d like to know more please feel free to email me using the address in the footer below.